China will increase its imports from America according to the "market principles" agreement

The official of the National Development and Reform Commission of China stated at a press conference that her country will negotiate with several American companies and increase its imports of American goods and products in accordance with the market principles agreement concluded between the two countries.

Ming Wei, a spokesperson for the committee, added that the United States has high-quality products in various sectors such as energy, manufactured goods, agricultural products, health care, and financial services. In her speech, she added that China is working to increase its purchases of American goods and services by 200 billion dollars over the next two years in exchange for the United States reducing part of the customs duties under the initial trade agreement that took place between the two largest economies in the world.

Chinese Vice Prime Minister Liu Khai, who signed the trade agreement with US President Donald Trump earlier this week, said the agreement that was made will not affect "the interests of other parties", in a reference as some claim to deals with other agricultural commodity suppliers.
Chinese television quoted Liu as saying at the press conference that companies in his country would bring American agricultural products according to the needs of the consumer market, supply and demand.