Airbus orders are up, but their delivery performance has declined last year

Airbus orders jumped and achieved a rise in demand for their planes for 2019, but it was not

scheduled to deliver deliveries for that for the second year in a row after it canceled its program for the largest plane in its fleet A380 and its operational books

were made of some inactive deals that came from the collapse of the orders demand.

Airbus achieved a total order of 1131, up more than a third by 36%, the strongest in the past six years.

This comes after the order for 40 of its wide-body A330-New planes by a customer whose name was not announced in the last days of 2019.

After the cancellation of 3% of the orders, net orders increased to 768 aircraft.

Airbus stated that it had delivered a record number of 863 aircraft in 2019, up from 7.98% in the previous year, after Reuters reported in an exclusive report on

These stats put Airbus on a path to excel with its rival Boeing in both orders and deliveries for the first time since 2011, as the US rival Airbus

faces difficulties due to the 737 MAX flight cessation crisis.