Forex - dollar rises to the level of GDP,China Bounce Lift Mood 

Decline of the dollar against other major currencies in early trading in Europe on Friday, after reading widely optimistic GDP growth of the United States, followed by reflux sudden activity in Chinese factories.

The news that the US economy has grown by 2.6% per annum in the fourth quarter - and by more than 3% for the whole year for the first time since 2005 - push Treasury yields for the ten years to the highest level in three weeks, which will support demand for the dollar.

And then the promotion after that night, reaching the highest level in 10 weeks against the Japanese yen after the alarming decline in the confidence of households in Japan. By 03:00 Eastern time, the dollar was at 111.81 yen, only slightly less than the highest level during the day.

Yen was also weakened by encouraging data from China's industrialization survey early on Friday, encouraging traders to put more Palin-portable trade. The general improvement in risk interest also raised the Australian dollar and Kiwi touch.

Scheduled to release more of the PMIs throughout the morning in Europe, along with unemployment data for February from Germany, Italy, and statements of cash lending from the United Kingdom for the month of January.

As more confidence returns also to the euro, which rose more than one cent of its lowest level in February against the dollar, thanks to the progress indicators in a British exit from the European Union, and in the dialogue, suggests that the economy may be at its lowest. Rose's German retail sales data for January, released earlier, by a large abrupt 3.3% on a monthly basis.

In the meantime, take the pound sterling a break after reaching its highest level against the euro in nearly two years on Thursday after being confirmed producers in the UK a long grace period for financial companies that adapt to the new rules after Britain's exit from the European Union. This step - which still needs confirmation from the United Kingdom government - reduces the risk of unregulated secession from the European Union. In exchange for the dollar, the pound strengthens its recent gains around a level of 1.3250.