Trump welcomes North Korea's enormous potential before talks with Kim

 A signal of U.S. President Donald Trump can North Korea's "enormous" on Wednesday said that its leader Kim Jong-Un wants to do something big before the hours of meeting to try to break the deadlock on the nuclear weapons of North Korea.

Although simple in its objective of ridding North Korea of weapons programs, it seemed that Trump is betting on his personal relationship with the leader of North Korea, tea, and stimulating the economy after 70 years of hostility between the two countries.

Trump tweeted the next morning after arriving in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi to attend a second summit with Kim, " Vietnam thrives like few places on Earth. North Korea would be the same and you'll soon understand nuclear."

"If possible it is AWESOME, a great opportunity, like almost anything else in history, to my friend Kim Jong-Un. - We'll know soon enough. - very interesting!"

He later looked forward to talks with Kim and hoped for success.

Trump said,"he wants to do something great."

Trump and Kim meet at the Metropolitan Hotel at 6: 30 p.m. The White House said that 1: 00 p.m. (1130 GMT) would take 10 minutes of one conversation and then dinner with the assistants.

Has embraced the interior of the elegant Control-old 118 years old security personnel and diplomats from both sides - some of the images captured - where the hotel staff set up tables in the hotel's lounge bar.

The White House said that on Thursday the two leaders would hold "a series of round-trip meetings". The location of these conversations has not been announced.

Trump said late last year it "fell Love in Kim", and on the eve of his departure for the summit the second they said they had developed a "very very good".

Whether she can move her to the peak of the festival into concrete progress in the elimination of the arsenal of Pyongyang's nuclear threats to the United States, then the issue is that will continue the talks in Hanoi.

Met with Trump to President of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong at the presidential palace, the Grand, which dates back to the colonial era in the morning to oversee the signing of the official pages of the airlines Vietnamese "feet" and "Bambi are" with the Boeing Company to purchase shares of 110 aircraft with a value exceeding $ 15 million. .

He later met Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan fuk for lunch.


In their historic first in Singapore in last June, pledged to Trump and Kim to work towards nuclear disarmament and lasting peace in the Korean Peninsula. It was North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war since their conflict between 1950 and 1953, where the support of the Americans the south, and they call a truce, not a treaty.

This ended the first meeting between the US president, the late leader of North Korean is lavishly large, but there wasn't a lot of substance about how to dismantle nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to North Korea.

This time, it is likely that both parties feel pressure to agree on specific measures - what are the concrete steps to be taken by North Korea to check for weapons, and the United States in return.

While the United States is demanding that North Korea abandon all its nuclear and missile programmes, North Korea wants to see an American nuclear umbrella removed for South Korea.

He said officials of the CIA that there was no sign that North Korea will abandon its nuclear arsenal of nuclear weapons, which ensure national security. Analysts say that there will be no substantial commitment to disarmament unless United States-led economic sanctions are relaxed.

In the period that preceded the summit, pointed Trump to a more flexible position, saying that he wasn't in a hurry to ensure the denuclearization of North Korea.

He stressed that sanctions could be reduced if North Korea did something "meaningful".

The sides discussed the nuclear disarmament measures identified which can be verified, such as allowing inspectors to monitor the dismantling of the reactor see nuclear in North Korea, according to U.S. officials and Korea South television.

American concessions may include opening liaison offices, declaring an end to the technical state of the Korean War or paving the way for inter-Korean projects.

Will face any deal of American lawmakers and other skeptics who doubt that North Korea is indeed prepared to abandon the weapons, and those who underestimate to compromise can squander U.S. influence and regional interests.

'Stop talking.'

Mocks Trump of hardcore, citing the renewal of nuclear tests and missile North Korea since 2017, and the United States was going to war with North Korea if he wasn't President.

"Should Democrats stop talking about what we should do with North Korea and ask themselves instead why they don't do that" during the eight years of the Obama administration? "He said on Twitter.

Whatever the outcome, the summit should promote try Kim end his country's pariah - despite the record of its awful human rights - and to strengthen his position, both on the world stage or at home.

As the leader of the second generation of one of the world's most impoverished and determination, will Kim once again on a par with the president of the strongest country in the world.

For Trump, a deal that mitigates the North Korean threat could give him major foreign policy breakthroughs amid domestic problems.

While in Hanoi, his former attorney, Michael Cohen, testified before United States congressional committees, focusing on the president's business practices.

Includes Koh, in testimony he was scheduled to deliver it last Wednesday, to comments made by Trump about avoiding the US military of the Vietnam War for medical reasons: "you think I'm stupid, I didn't go to Vietnam. "Cohen Trump says," say it.

Cohen said according to Reuters ' draft, "I find it ironic, chief Trump, that you're in Vietnam now."