The dollar erases the losses of the week, and the Chinese yuan does not pay any attention to the centralization

The US dollar erases the wave of its losses that

lasted for 6 days, as it rose 0.2% in the first sessions of the new year 2020, displacing the euro from its peak achieved in five months while ignoring the

Chinese yuan in its foreign dealings at the beginning of the year reducing the central reserve ratio for banks, which may increase the pumping Liquidity of about 115 billion dollars.

After the dollar ended the month of December with a boat drop of 2% in front of a basket of currencies, it started to rise slightly to 96.5, while

the state of stability of the dollar against the euro prevailed at 1.12 dollars, a narrow difference from the peak of early August.

The Chinese yuan closed at 6.9 dollars to the dollar in its strongest close since August 2, and a state of stability prevailed in foreign market trading after an

the initial decline after China lowered on Wednesday the proportion of mandatory reserves that banks must maintain, which is expected to pump 115 billion dollars in liquidity to support the Economy.

The Australian dollar fell 0.2% and the Canadian dollar rose, approaching the highest level in two and a half months.

Sterling fell by 0.2%, also after gains of 2.5% over the month of December.