The US dollar rose for the second consecutive session against its Japanese yen counterpart, with optimism about a vaccine for Corona

The US dollar fluctuated in a narrow range, which is about to rise during the Asian session against the Japanese yen, following the developments and economic data that it announced

today, Tuesday, on the Japanese economy and amid the scarcity of economic data at the beginning of this week by the US economy, the largest economy in the world and

On the positive results about a vaccine for Coronavirus and after the European Union leaders reached an agreement regarding the virus recovery fund.

At exactly 05:54 am GMT, the US dollar pair against the Japanese yen rose 0.07% to 107.35 levels compared to the opening levels at 107.27 after the pair achieved

It reached its highest level during the trading session at 107.36, while it achieved the lowest at 107.13.

This followed us on the Japanese economy, the second-largest in Asia and the third-largest in the world, to disclose inflation data with the release of the annual reading of

the national consumer price index, which showed stability at 0.1% below A little change from the previous annual reading of last May, surpassing expectations that indicated stability at zero levels.

In the same context, the annual reading of the consumer price index, which excludes fresh food, showed stability at zero levels versus a 0.2% contraction in the previous annual

reading of the month May, outperforming forecasts for a contraction of 0.1%, while the annual reading excluding energy, fresh food, and energy showed a stable growth at 0.4%, contrary to

Otherwise, we have followed this week's news that the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine is just around the corner, especially after the joint announcement by Pfizer and Bio-to- Teak

reported early positive results about the Corona vaccine in conjunction with another vaccine by Oxford University and AstraZeneca showed a positive immune response in an early trial, which stimulated risk

appetite among investors as hopes grew that the worst was over.

It is reported that the World Health Organization yesterday praised the results yesterday Positive of the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine and expressed that it is a good

vaccine and its results are positive with a warning that it takes more time and experiments until proven effective and safe use According to the latest figures issued by the

the organization, the number of cases infected with coronavirus rose to nearly 14.35 million, and 603,691 people died in 216 countries.

In another context, we have followed a short while ago, after four days of violent negotiations, European Union leaders reached an agreement on a stimulus package that the eurozone

will witness with the approval of the 27 member states.

Unanimously to issue 750 billion euros ($ 860 billion) in joint debt bonds to help member states within the union reduce the economic downturn, as the emergency fund will

provide 390 billion euros in loans and low-interest loans of 603 billion euros.