Scottish Prime Minister: Johnson will not be able to keep Scotland in the UK without her will

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon remarks said that the British Prime Minister will

not be able to keep Scotland without her desire in the United Kingdom.

In an earlier interview, Johnson and his government have repeatedly stated that they will not allow another referendum on Scottish independence, but after the Scottish National Party won an

the overwhelming majority of 48 seats in the British Parliament in Scotland, its number 59 now says its party can now request another mandate to request a second referendum.

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr program, the Prime Minister added that if he believed "and you mean the British Prime Minister" that saying "does not put an end

to it, he will discover that he is completely and completely wrong." "You cannot keep Scotland within Britain against its will ... if the UK is destined to continue, it

And if Prime Minister Boris Johnson is confident in the case of the union then he must be confident enough to prove this and allow people to make the decision," she added.