Middle East tensions show damage to Wall Street in the Friday session

The three main indices fell on Wall Street on Friday after they were at levelsRecord high after the

American airstrike that took place in Iraq, which in turn exacerbated tensions in the Middle East, and the large contraction of the manufacturing sector in the United States of America

raised doubts about the slowdown in economic growth.

And the Dow Jones industrial average closed Friday session, falling 235.48 points to 28633.32 points, while the S&P 500 index fell, 23.00 points.

The NASDAQ ended the session down 71.42 points to 9020.77 points.

On European stock exchanges, most indices, including the “Stox Europe 600” index, fell by 0.3%.

The German “DAX” fell 1.3% to 13219 points, and the British “FTSE 100” rose 0.2% to 7622 points.

Futures for the precious metal risen by 1.6%, or $24.30 an ounce, to 1552.40, dollars an ounce, and gold recorded weekly gains of 2.2%.