JP Morgan trades bank offices for joint offices

Says J. P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM) tearing up the walls and the transfer of employees investment bankers in San Francisco to "hot", which is a space-saving design was a long time ago one of the processors in the technology companies, while the design offices in Dallas and other cities.

Joint workspaces were relatively slow in banks, but JP Morgan is following up on recent innovations by some competitors, which designers are promoting as cost reduction and productivity enhancement. However, bankers who aspire to the status and privacy of personal offices are in a state of significant change.

When the J. P. Morgan recruiting two floors in the office "Misha Street" in San Francisco last month, replaced many of the gains stalls style restaurants, and areas of quiet specific and common to nearly 250 employees of the bank for investment and other personnel there.

Said Noah Winthrop know, the vice president of investment banking at JPMorgan, which focuses on technology companies and the media, it's the pressure on the design of the place is the key, although it may be a culture shock for some.

Wintrop said, " it has been historically extremely hierarchical. When you become an appointed director, you have that kind of position."

David Arina, head of the Global Corporate Real Estate Section at JP Morgan, said that the bank had already set up hot offices for Hong Kong investment bankers. It was able to reduce costs by placing more people on the lower floors.

And she didn't mention whether American renovations would help JBB.P Morgan's downsizing his real estate signature. He noted there are limits to this approach, saying that it "would be counterproductive if the pressure on a large number of people in one place".
JP Morgan is also the redesign of offices in Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio. And remember the minister whether there are any plans to include offices, heated in the main office in New York, which is being built currently.

The group "Goldman Sachs" (listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYSE: GS) tear down the walls in the Office of asset management in New York in 2017, and Morgan Stanley (listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYSE: MS) to design its headquarters in Manhattan Transfer brokers, dealers and technical staff. Media reports.

I've had several users who share one workstation commonplace in technology companies and consultancy for over a decade, a study conducted by the industry group association management international facilities in 2015 that the majority of companies are now using the Office hot for some staff at least.

The report, however, was slower to take root in the banking sector, where the stem of cultural resistance in part from the need to make secret calls in the private sector, according to the report.

The offices were also symbols of the situation, and sitting at a common table instead of their glass office was a major shift for investment bankers.

Some people would still have their offices, including Wintroub, although he said he would prefer to sit with others in the region open and use his office as a conference room.