In the initial argument, Zimbabwean banks start trading new currencies

Commercial banks began in Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe dollar trading RTGS on Monday, but the authorities did not provide any indication of how the interaction of ordinary citizens with the work of the Transitional, the new country after five days of launch.

And Zimbabwe for the link to the dollar exchange for its bonds, alternative and Electronic on Wednesday, and combined it in dollar RTGS in an attempt to revive the economy paralyzed, and to address a cash crunch weakened the efforts of President Emerson manage to attract foreign investment.

The central bank sold the dollar to banks at 2.5 RTGS $ the morning of Friday, began lending on Monday in the currency trading with corporate clients and in the interbank market.

There were indications that Zimbabweans Ordinary will be able to purchase the US dollar notes bonds or $ Electronic on Monday.

But ATM bank Standard Chartered (LON: STAN) in Harare said that the branch wasn't selling dollars to individuals so far, and it no longer queues of the banks in the city centre longer than normal as people made their way to work.

Kudakuchi Mukura, an electrician who just came out of the branch, said, "at this moment we shoot in the dark. The government does not address the fundamental issue that the black market is responsible."

On Monday, was selling one US dollar in the black market for four dollars and Electronic - have been locked up in the accounts of individuals for months due to lack of chronic - as compared to 4.20 on Friday, as currency traders.

A staffer at the stanbitch branch said that the bank was offering the US dollar to corporate clients at $ 2.5625 RTGS and buying dollars at 2.4 RTGS. The idea is that individuals would be able to buy and sell dollars at a later time, but she wasn't sure when.

Has the central bank promised "compensation site" to the RTGS - which meant settlement system total real-time which is used by banks to transfer money - but it is not clear how the currency moves, given that it does not have a significant agenda. Exchange reserves.

An Eastgate Shopping Center in Harare said " big players keep their money and this is what currently measures interest rates. In the next week or two, you should be clear whether the bank operates or not."

Returns the currency problems in Zimbabwe to the era of hyperinflation, the leader of the post-independence Robert Mugabe, who replaced manage after a military coup in November 2017.

Escalated strikes against the government manage since the campaign of violent Security last summer to the protests that followed the elections and the demonstrations last month against a significant increase in fuel.