Crypto down: the Bank of Japan looks forward to the central bank's digital currencies

Crypto down: the Bank of Japan looks forward to the central bank's digital currencies

The movement of cryptocurrencies was somewhat low in Asia on Friday after performing my ascension earlier in the week. At the same time, the central bank requires the Japanese to the implications for the work of the bank's digital central (CBDCs) system current cash.

On Friday morning, the Bitcoin price fell by 0.31% to $ 3.51.4 by 11: 34 Eastern Time (4: 34 Greenwich Time).

Shares fell "item" rose by 1.01% to 146.71$, the index of "X R Me" by 2.83% to 0.32091, shares fell "to yearn addresses" by 3.05% to 49.547$.

Market capitalization reached a market saturation of about $ 135 million, compared with $ 120 million in the previous week.

In Asia, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) report in which he says he's studying the role of the business centers of Central CBDCs, whether it is assessable for people just like banknotes are, or should be limited to settlements of greater value.

He said to the Bank of Japan that "there is a need to assess the potential impacts to CBDCs not only on the efficiency of the defense but also on the financial structure and macroeconomics", but stressed that it "has no immediate plan to issue digital currencies can replace the banknotes. "

The bank also noted that for code-based CBDCs, the adoption of blockchain technology might be considered.

The location is Japan's central bank from the commercial centers of the central (CBDCs) a shift of the position of deputy mayor short walk frontally, who once said that digital currencies issued by central banks are unlikely to improve the systems current monetary.

In another place, it is said that derivatives based in Germany, which is run by Deutsche Boerse (DE: DB1Gn), launched a futures contract tied to a digital currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and Ripple.

Train company Deutsche Boerse futures for digital since the year 2017, where the spokesman said "We think about the futures, which can be private investors and institutional investors through its investment protection existing in Bitcoin or specify landing currency prices cyber".