If you currently have a FxPro account, you can achieve $ 6 per trading lot by joining the Invstoc Cashback Program.

Instructions For Existing Clients

If your account is new and has never been traded before, you need to send us an email with your account number to be placed under our cashback program.

The sample of the email mentioned below

If your account has been traded, to get your cashback, you need to open a new trading account.

You need to login to “FxPro Direct” and open a new account in the “My accounts” section.

As soon as your new account is opened you need to send the request to the email mentioned below.

As soon as you get confirmation from FxPro that your account was placed under our cashback, you can transfer funds from your old account to a new one using FxPro Vault.

The email should be sent to backoffice@fxpro.com

Dear Sirs,
Please add my trading account number (....... Add your account No. here...........)  under the Invstoc cashback program (IB 9161941)

Kind regards,


As soon as your account will be placed in our cashback program, you will receive a confirmation email by FxPro  please send us this confirmation mail again to cashback@invstoc.com   We need this action to speed up the approval of your account with our system