If you currently have an FXPRIMUS account, you can achieve $ 12.5 per trading lot by joining the Invstoc Cashback Program.

Instructions for existing clients

To add our cashback trading account, you need to log in to your personal page and place the referral link in the space provided for that or send an email to support@fxprimus.com.

The email form mentioned below.

Dear Sirs,

Please add my account ............... (put your account number with FxPrimus) under IB39104274.

Kind Regards,

Once your account is placed in our cashback program, you will receive a confirmation email by FXPRIMUS, please send a confirmation message to cashback@invstoc.com

Includes your email, the code on the Invstoc website, the name of the company, and the account number you registered with Invstoc.

FXPRIMUS does not provide services to residents of some jurisdictions such as Cuba, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast), Puerto Rico, the United States, Japan, Australia, and Myanmar.