FBS is an international leader in providing financial and investment services.

It enjoys high recognition by the world's biggest financial associations and has gained many prestigious awards like “Best Broker in Asia Region 2013” at Forex Expo 2013, “The best trading platform 2013” by China Finance Online, and “The best Forex partnership program 2013” at MasterForex-V Expo.

Considering its presence in over 60 countries, FBS can well be called the industry's giant with an approach to any investor type.

The latter seems to be a natural thing in view of the trading advantages offered by the broker

FBS includes low initial deposit and high leverage, making an entrance to the market available to everyone, four account types, meeting the needs of traders of any professional level, market execution, saving the trouble with requotes, a huge range of trading products and tools, enabling the creation of diversified investment portfolios, professional analytical materials, making it easier for clients to make trading decisions, a wide choice of deposit/withdrawal options and various bonuses

The company also cares much about the safety of its clients' funds: they all are kept in segregated bank accounts and are never used for the company's own purposes.

With much that has already been done and achieved FBS never stops its development - its dedicated team of experienced and high-rank professionals makes its contribution to the enhancement of FBS's services daily