What is a Forex Cashback Rebate?


What is a Forex Cashback Rebate?


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  • What does cashback mean?

  • How to make more money using forex cashback?

  • Highest forex cashback in the world

  • How to Join a Forex Cashback Plan?

  • Wealthy affiliate programs in forex trading

  • Why should forex traders join invstoc cashback program?

  • What makes a forex affiliate program more profitable than another traditional one?

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What does forex cashback mean?

Forex cashback is a  payment rebated to traders for every trade done, Forex Brokers share the rebates they earn from every trade made by the forex traders.

Whatever they got a loss or win trades.


Cashback is becoming standard for most brokers in the forex market.

It’s also becoming a standard tool for traders to maximize profit.

Simply Forex Cashback is the most profitable cashback methodology and also the same with a cashback affiliate program among all cashback traditional methods in the world.


How Does It Work?

When you open a brokerage account through invstoc.com, the brokerage pays us part of their spread or commission earnings for every swap you make as compensation for referring a client to them.

We then share the majority of our revenue 80% with you, paying you a cash rebate for each trade you make as a thank you for signing up with us.

Your spreads and trading conditions remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with your current forex broker.

The only difference is, as our client you earn extra cash per trade, making trading through us more profitable than opening direct with the broker.



Forex Cashback


Unfortunately, most of the newbie traders even experts are not aware of Forex cashback, and  also most Forex brokers share only the bonus which they give to traders to encourage them,

but everybody knows that to withdraw this massive bonus, you had to perform several trades which is too difficult and boring, but the case here for the cashback program is to gain direct money just by usual daily trading.

And then any single trade you perform you will pull in profit even your trade closed with a loss.??!!


As known in any market, losses are as important as profits.

One might even say they are more important. In the world of trading, you’re not always going to make a profit, but you will always have losses.

For this reason, traders need to always look to reduce their losses.

Subsequently, Forex rebates are paid to forex traders in several ways.


cashback is sometimes held by the forex brokers and withdrawn on a monthly basis by the traders.

Sometimes, the money is instead rebated by reducing the commission(spread) a trader pays on new trades.

The mechanism by which a trader receives their cashback rebate varies from broker to broker and from one rebate provider to another.


Cashback like this is now becoming popular not just amongst the forex market, but in the binary options too.

Many of these industries give Cashback to an affiliated person that introduce new clients to their platforms.

By which called a forex affiliate program

Forex cashback can increase a trader’s scope to make profitable trades.

By cutting down the trading cost for each trade, trades that would previously have been too marginal to consider can become feasible.

This is particularly true when trading in short time frames and scalping.


Join INVSTOC now to earn the highest cashback rebate  in the world, paid on a weekly basis



How to make more money using Forex cashback?


Cashback is usually either calculated on a round-turn per lot, or on a spread. In the case of round turns per lot, the rebates average out of approximately $3 per forex trading lot.

 In some cases, they are as low as $1.50, while in other instances, they can be as high as $15.

This cashback can quickly sum up if you are doing multiple trades a day, or a hundred trades a month.

 If a commission of the broker is low, the cashback can be as low as $1.50.

The basic round lot cashback needs to be taken into account before assessing the rebate – it’s not just

Some forex brokers provide more value-add services, research, and tools and can, thus, justify charging more.

Some cashback rebate providers offer a tiered system, where the discount increases with more forex trade.

Cashback providers like invstoc, are sharing 80% of the introducing commission they get from brokers with their customers.

Thus, for the cashback rebate provider, it builds sense to rebate a higher percentage of each commission as the number of trades increases.


Highest forex cashback in the world

Invstoc.com  offers one of these tiered programs with the highest cashback rebate in the world about 80 % percent of the rebate being shared with the customer.

When you open an account with a new broker, you will frequently obtain a welcome bonus in the strain of cash to trade with.

 Of course, this equates to yet another saving and is something to take into consideration when selecting a broker.


Forex Cashback


How to Join a Forex Cashback Plan?

 Tying up a cashback plan is truly comfortable going.

Apparently, the first step is to choose a trusted forex cashback provider.

 www.invstoc.com  is one of the most comprehensive providers and pays its clients access to over 100 forex brokers with the highest cashback in the world exceed 80%.

You will first need to register with the cashback brokers.

This is free, and no credit card or other financial information needs to be supplied.

Once you have registered with INVSTOC  you will be able to pick out and connect with forex brokers.

You don’t hold to select a single broker, and once you choose a broker you aren’t stuck with them.

In the case of Invstoc Cashback broker companies list, you can open accounts with up to 100 brokers.

In some instances, you can even open a new account with a broker where you already hold an account.

While costs are a critical component of your trading plan, your choice of broker should not be based on price only.

There are other components to consider too, including the number of available markets, the trading, and analysis tools on the platform, and value-add services like research.

 In one case you have opened accounts with single or more brokers and funded the account, you can start trading.

Your cashback will automatically be accredited to your account every time you perform a forex trade and this credit will appear as a counter icon  on your invstoc personal area then

You can easily request to withdraw your credit on a weekly basis, which is never been done by any cashback provider in the world.


Forex Cashback


Since forex cashback is a means to cut costs, you should keep tabs on your overall costs, and how much you are bringing down those costs with your discounts.

When opening new brokerage accounts, make a notation of the commission rates and spreads, and read the terms and conditions to make sure the forex broker is not going to increase your trading costs to cancel the discount.

Making out your rebate program should be a portion of a regular program to monitor your costs.

This doesn’t just include trading costs, but overheads and expenses as well.

This program should also include keeping regular tabs on the spreads and the commissions you are paying, as well as those available from other forex trading brokers.

Call up, once you are registered with a cashback broker, you can also open accounts with various brokers,

then keep shopping around to attain sure you are receiving the best bargain possible.


Wealthy affiliate programs in forex trading

      Do I need any previous experience to join a forex affiliate program?

The answer is surely Not,

As anyone how has little experience on any traditional affiliate programs can easily join a forex affiliate program by just using a referral link provided by www.invstoc.com you can find in your profile data on your personal page then start inviting forex traders to even register their new or existing trading account.


Why should forex traders join the invstoc cashback program?

  1. Invstoc provides over than 100 of only certified and trusted forex brokers globally, with the highest cashback rebate in the cosmos, far away from any manipulation or sarcasm which have been shown with unknown week forex cashback providers 

  2. Invstoc is the only economic networking website that allows cashback instant withdrawal on a weekly basis.

  3. Invstoc provide forex traders with a completely free package of instruments and services  which are necessary for any forex traders like
  • Forex currency calendar to alert all over the day
  • Economic news
  • Live trading signals by professional dealers
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Daily articles and tips
  • Trading books
  • Social platform as you can post your trades and monitoring other trader's performance
  • Copy trade feature as you can link your trading account with other trading expert's account Permit them to trade instead of you.


What makes a forex affiliate program more profitable than another traditional one?


forex affiliate program Its simply not one-time money earning for each trader, they have been enrolled by affiliation

As this is a continuous process, by means of any trade applied by forex traders you will earn new cashback automatically.

Then you will earn more money as long as the affiliated traders performing trades.

Thus that’s why a forex affiliate program is absolutely the most profitable way to make more money.


4 easy steps to join invstoc cashback rebate


1. Register and log in at www.invstoc.com


2. Click on the cashback button

Forex Cashback

3. Choice your new or existing broker

  (Follow broker steps to create a new real trading  account, then make your deposit as usual)

Forex Cashback


4. Add your account number in the cashback area

Now Monitor your credit upon normal trading, then request your cashback on a weekly basis.




  1. The forex cashback program allows you to win extra cash, even you have a loss or win trades

  2. invstoc has a vast list of  forex cashback  brokers with the highest cashback rebate in the world

  3. Forex cashback affiliate program, no need for any previous trading experience just takes the referral ling and start your own business.
  4. invstoc is the only economic website that delivers a perfect package of tools that traders looking for on the internet.
  5. invstoc deals only with the globally trusted brokers with the fastest cashback withdrawal (weekly basis)


Don't hesitate to join us at the highest forex cashback in the world

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