Instructions For Existing Clients

The existing accounts can be transferred to our cashback program under the client’s request at the discretion of AMarkerts. The sample of the email mentioned below.

The request for checking should be sent to info@amarkets.org

If it’s not possible to transfer account for getting cashback you should open a new AMarkets profile using a new Email address via our referral link.

Dear Sirs,

Please check if it is possible to place my account ............... (put your new account number with AMarkets) under IB 97Q61.

Kind regards,

Once your account is placed in our cashback program, you will receive a confirmation email by AMarkets, please send a confirmation message to cashback@invstoc.com

Includes your email and code on the Invstoc site, the name of the company and the number of the account you registered under the Invstoc agency.