what is forex cashback

Being the largest global market, Forex gives everyone a unique chance to enter it without any restrictions. However, while for entering it, it is enough to have just a small sum of money, in order to become a successful top-level trader, one needs to test numerous strategies and to use all possible advantages to the full. One of the ways to boost the efficiency of your deals is to use such a tool as Forex cashback. Go on co-operating with your Broker – and get paid for it! Stop missing out on money!

Trading Professionally: Getting Forex Cashback at invstoc

One of the ways to increase a trading profit is to get Forex cashback. On registering at our service, you get an additional sum of money weekly without the necessity to make any additional actions! All is simple: we are paying while you are trading! There is no secret that Forex cashback is one of the most effective marketing tools. It allows you to get real money for deals a trader makes on Forex using our platform invstoc.

How our Cashback forex Service works In case you open an account with our invstoc:

The platform, we earn a commission from your broker for each trade you place. The broker pays us from his spread or commission profit for the opportunity to appear on our website and thus gain more and more clients. It is some kind of compensation for clients referring to the broker. invstoc, in its turn, keeps only a part of this commission and shares the largest part of it with its clients – we pay you Forex cashback. It is some kind of thank you for signing up with us. As usually, you do your regular trading, but you get a reward for every market lot. It doesn’t really matter how profitable your deal is – in any case, you get your bonus