How to Start Trading the Forex Market?


Why is Forex trading so popular?
It can barter from anywhere from your kitchen table, bedroom, garage, or from the nearest Starbucks cafe (mostly here is a wireless internet connection).
If you have hope to travel, tell me?


When you want to start working in the Forex market no one is asking you to get a diploma degree or a banking industry certificate.
Forex trading is economical and start-up costs are low!
A Forex account can be opened for less than $ 200 in most brokerages

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The main benefits of the FX market spot trading are:
You do not pay commissions or fees!
You can trade 24 hours a day!
Can trade up to 400: 1 leverage!

You can get a free view of executable prices and live charts!
It is important to know the differences between a
 foreign exchange (Forex) and currency futures.
In currency futures, the contract size is determined in advance.
With spot FX, you can trade electronically any amount you want, up to $ 10 million.
Futures markets, the next day opening may sustain large gaps with the possibility of significant losses if the direction of the community against your system.
The Spot
Forex market is constantly open 24 hours a day from the Israeli hour from Friday morning to Monday at 5 pm on Friday in New York.
Dealers in all foreign exchange
trading center (Hong Kong Stock Exchange / Singapore - London, Geneva, and New York).
The result is that, currency trading futures in non-dollar currencies
IMM International (money market) hours are experiencing a break.
The Forex market provides stable liquidity and market depth that is much more consistent than futures.
Futures Transactions Most futures currencies are traded only against the dollar.
Optimists and entrepreneurs are increasingly enlightened by diversifying their traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and commodities in foreign currency following reasons: (will continue))


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