How to Get 50% of Your Ads Revenue


Invstoc groups types:

We support you in establishing more vibrant societies

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There are two types of groups or communities in - Normal and Plus - your account will be Invstoc Plus when the number of subscribers to your group 1000 members or more.


Advantages of owning a group or workshop in Invstoc:

- Ensure access to 100% of your community members

- Communicate directly with all members of your community

- Send private messages to members of the group

- Get 50% of the total advertising revenue on your group or workshop when your membership reaches 1000 members


                                             How to Get 50% of Your Ads Revenue    


Tips for Becoming an Invstoc Plus

Add special content

Post exclusive and exclusive content to attract interested people to participate in the group such as exclusive analyzes and recommendations

Promote your community

Promote your product on other social media sites to attract those interested in your publications to subscribe to your society in Invstoc where you can reach 100% of your members on Invstoc

Create attractive designs

Add a detailed description of your community Use a clear and easy-to-understand name for the trip and always publish exciting and distinctive things


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